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It is your data!

0. Collect data!
-> record logs, measure physical quantities, use IoT
1. Protect data!
-> use cryptography
2. Consolidate data!
-> use data engineering and big data technologies
3. Optimize according to data!
-> digitalize, boost with AI
4. Monetize data!
-> use blockchain and smart contracts

Who are our solutions for?

For business and industry

Data from business procedures and industrial processes according to Industry 4.0/5.0

For smart homes

Data from IoT devices, smart measuring

For smart cities

Data from business procedures and IoT devices for communal services, surveillance systems, etc.

parallax background

Active project - Metroracle

Oracles compliant to metrology standards

Although various concepts exist for applying the blockchain technology to “real-world” data, there is a remaining weakness of the starting point, i.e. the question is – how to ensure that data measured by IoT devices is trustworthy, not tampered with, not erroneous, not fake?

To answer this question the project Metroracle focuses on adopting well-defined metrology standards and goals of digital transformation of metrology for use in IoT applications supported by blockchain technology.

More details:

Funded by:

parallax background
AI and cryptography

    Homomorphic and functional encryption for machine learning and data leakage applications

AI for business procedures

    Business procedures described using machine-readable standards (e.g. BPMN), optimizing procedures using AI methods

Cryptography and chaos

    Customized and chaos-based cryptographic devices and systems: RNGs, encryption devices, customization of standard algorithms, algorithms for additional layers of encryption

Machine learning

    Machine learning algorithms for risk assessment

Additional experience

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